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Hi All Just wanted to let you know that this week was a really great experience for Harrison. I am glad you let him be apart of it. Good luck with the rest of the summer program.

-Dan Kaiser

Your dedication to ALL the kids and their happiness and well being istruly admirable and something quite special. I know that Aidan had an AMAZING experience at Camped Up and we can't wait for next summer'sadventure!


I'm so excited about Hannah's language development this summer. She has grown by leaps and bounds - talking in full sentences and thoughts about so many different subjects. She has had the best summer at Camped Up!

-Jennifer Weitzman

Camped Up was an outstanding experience for my 4 and 7 year old bilateral CI kids. My daughter states, "it is the only camp I love." The counselors are outstanding and have put together a very thoughtful program. My main streamed kids loved the idea that they would meet other kids with hearing loss- especially older kids to look up to. They can't wait to go again next year.

-Lisa Vasnath 
Reaching new heights in Summer 2016